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Embodied Mama Circle


You are sitting in a circle with other women who are on a very similar path as you are, each in her very unique way. 

You feel safe in the beautiful space that unfolds around you and you feel deeply connected to the women around you.


You feel bathed in the warm and sweet and loving energy that you co-create with all those amazingly magical women.  

You feel held as you are being guided through a journey that nourishes all of your senses and that draws a magical experience for all of you that will live in your hearts forever.

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I invite you to dream for a moment

and to allow yourself to feel into the beauty of walking this path into motherhood with other women

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This is my vision

for what I would love to co-create with you!

This offering includes:

Monthly virtual Embodied Mama Circle 90 minutes

Embodiment practices

Meditation and breathwork

Exploration through Art 


Community building

Loving Support

Annual Pass $333

Single Pass $33

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Do you feel the inner call to be part of this magical experience? 

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