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Your welcome gift my love

Receive this free guided Embodiment Meditation to come back home to your body and connect with what's alive for you right now!

Hello beautiful, I’m so happy that you are here!

Embodiment Doula - Preconception, Pregnancy & Beyond
I support women to step into their wild and wise mama bear energy to walk the path into motherhood guided by their inner wisdom. 

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My name is Lizzy and I extend my mothering hands to hold your tender heart as you walk towards the truest expression of your motherhood journey!

I believe that your motherhood starts the moment you consciously connect with your desire to become a mother for the first time. 

Just like any creative journey starts the moment you have the first spark of an idea, and not when it becomes visible to the external world. 

It starts with your inner journey, mama, and you deserve to feel supported during every step of the way. 

All of my offerings are tailored to your needs and desires, and are deeply rooted in my inner knowing that you already have all the answers within.


I am not the expert of your motherhood journey, you are! And I am her to walk by your side and lovingly hold you on your path of remembrance and reclamation. 

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My Offerings for You

Wild Beginnings Coaching


A journey into motherhood led from within

Birth Story Healing


Find healing and empowerment in your story


Feminine Movement Practice

Move your body how it desires to move

Embodied Mama Circle

The beautiful gift of community

- coming soon - 

Let's connect!

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