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Mother's Blessing

You are sitting in a circle with the women you most love in your life.

You feel safe in the beautiful space that unfolds around you and you feel bathed in love from all those women whose only purpose today is to pamper you, to nourish you and to support you as you are walking the path of motherhood.

You feel held as you are being guided through a journey that nourishes all of your senses and that draws a magical experience for all of you that it will live in your hearts forever.

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This is my vision

for what I would love to co-create with you,

for yourself

or a special pregnant mama that you have in your life. 

I invite you to dive with me into the beauty of this experience for a moment:

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This offering includes:

Initial playdate 60 to 90 minutes to explore your vision and desires for this experience

Mother's Blessing gathering of a approximately 120 minutes, encompassing:

Beautiful feminine decoration, created with intention and love

Different practices to support the pregnant mother with her unique needs and help her feel supported with and loved through any possible challenges

A very special handmade gift that the expecting mother can keep forever to feel supported during any stage of her motherhood journey and to remember the magical gathering

Different rituals to help the pregnant mama feel pampered and bathed in love

Small gifts for the special women who accompany the mother in this beautiful celebration

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Stars Logo.png

Do you wish to organize a mother's blessing for your favorite expecting mama or for yourself? 

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