Mothering the Mother

The preparation for your postpartum period actually begins before your baby is born.

A good and conscious preparation for your postpartum needs will help you to make that very special moment even more joyful and will also give you the opportunity to connect more profoundly with your baby.

I wish I had known this as a first-time mom! 

Before your first child was born you imagined that the first weeks of motherhood would be smooth, loving and magical but the reality was more like:

Your normally so organized and cozy home turned into a battle field of dirty laundry, dishes and diapers all over the place?

No time to take a shower and no energy to take care of anything other than your newborn? 

No idea what to feed yourself and how to actually get that food to your home?

So many questions about newborn care and nobody to ask?

Visitors who would stay for long periods of time and expect from you to serve them food and drinks?

It is my deep wish to support you and your family and help you create a different experience this time! 

Whether you need help to organize your network of helpers or wish to have my  hands-on support during your postpartum period, my offerings for you can include the following options:

Preparing with love - wish to live a different experience this time? Let's find the best way to support your personal needs!

Support with creating a nourishing and calm home environment for the family to encourage bonding


Help with laundry and light housework


Grocery shopping or planning on placing online orders

Mothering the Mother - now that the baby is here nobody cares about you that much anymore? I've got your back mama!

Preparation of nourishing and nurturing meals and snacks to support postpartum needs or helping to coordinate meal deliveries from family and friends

Guidance with physical recovery after childbirth

Emotional support in person or per WhatsApp

Care for newborn and siblings - home with baby now what?

Guidance in newborn care and basic breastfeeding support


Help with newborn when the parents wish to shower, nap or spend some time with older siblings

Assistance with older sibling

Help with resources and referrals

Up to two meetings, in person or virtual, prior to giving birth to set the intentions and prepare for your unique postpartum support needs


Assistance with creating a loving support system among extended family, friends and my hands-on support if local to Miami


Orientation with freezer meal preparation that supports the postpartum needs of the family (this is such a lifesaver!)


Support with preparing your home for the arrival of your little one

Nurturing Home Environment - a chaotic home doesn't feel like the best place to enjoy the first days with your newborn? Don't worry mama, I'll take care of that!

Imagine if you could actually experience your fourth trimester with joy and be 100% present with your newborn and family! 

I have different packages available to help you with that and to suit your personal needs:

Would you like to check out what I have to offer? 

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