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Birth Integration


Birthing a child into this world and being born as a mother, for the first time or the third, is one of the biggest transitions in a woman’s life and it holds the potential to be massively transformative.

 As such significant rite of passage, it is only natural that this journey into motherhood brings to the surface aspects of yourself and your previous life experiences that want to be witnessed, healed and integrate.

No matter how you experienced your pregnancy, birth and postpartum, you deserve to be lovingly and safely held by a compassionate witness who supports you to process, heal and integrate your unique experience of it!


My offering to you is to be that compassionate witness and create a safe space for you to:

tap into the parts of your experience that feel sticky, painful or simply to big to hold in your body!

simply fall apart and express what you have been holding in for too long!

cultivate more acceptance and compassion towards yourself and your experience!


feel more calm, confident and resolved around your story!


alchemize your challenges into new awareness and possibilities!


unlock new life force and allow it to flow through you!

I bring to you a beautiful and unique blend of Birth Story Medicine and embodiment coaching, which will allow us to go as deep as it feels safe for you to go.

This is for you if:

Feel that part of your journey into motherhood still feels unresolved, including a miscarriage or abortion.

Try to avoid thinking or speaking about your experience.

Can’t stop replaying certain moments of your story over and over again.

Feel guilty about any part of your experience.

Know that certain moments of your story still impact certain areas of your life today.

Do you crave to feel more alive, radiant and free in your body again? 

No matter how long ago you were pregnant or gave birth, it's never too late to give your story a new meaning! We the help of embodiment coaching and different somatic practices, we can tap into those parts of you that hold frozen tension, allowing that energy to flow again and giving you’re the gift of freedom and radiance!


Are you ready to rewrite your story?

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