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Mother's Blessing - a magical way of honoring the journey of pregnancy and birth

Mothering the Mother - Nourishing Postpartum Support

Are you looking for a different way to celebrate? A Mother's Blessing is a beautiful alternative to a traditional baby shower.


A Mother’s Blessing is an intimate ceremony where the mama-to-be gathers her closest circle of women, her “village”, to receive support, nourishment and love as she prepares for childbirth and motherhood. While traditional baby showers are normally focused on the baby and gifts, a Mother’s Blessing is centered on pampering, honoring and supporting the mama-to-be. The only gift required is the presence and love of her closest women. 

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A new mother needs and deserves a calm, loving and safe space to recover and rest after childbirth, and bond in family. Part of this magical process is the nourishment, both physically and emotionally, that she and her family receive during that very special time of their lives.

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Would you like to feel happier and more confident and calm in your new role?​

The journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood is exciting and magical, but at the same time there are certain challenges that come along with it. The way a woman faces those challenges can have a deep impact on her overall mental, emotional and physical health and well-being not only during pregnancy and immediate postpartum, but for longer periods of time or even for the rest of her life.


The aim of my integral wellness coaching program is to support you on your health journey during those very special phases of your life. Together we will find the best way to reach your personal goals regarding health and well-being and how to sustain them over time.  


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