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Wild Beginnings Coaching - a desire-led journey into motherhood

Would you like to feel happier and more confident and calm in your new role?​

The journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood is exciting and magical, and at the same time there are certain challenges that come along with it. The way a woman faces those challenges can have a deep impact on her overall mental, emotional and physical health and well-being not only during pregnancy and immediate postpartum, but for longer periods of time or even for the rest of her life.


The aim of my integral wellness coaching program is to support you on your health journey during those very special phases of your life. Together we will find the best way to reach your personal goals regarding health and well-being and how to sustain them over time.  


Click below to learn about the ways I can support you during your pregnancy and motherhood in person or virtually.

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Embodied Pregnancy Circle - the beautiful gift of community

Coming Soon 

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