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Connecting from the Heart

I see you, I feel you, I walk with you!


Whether this is the first time you walk the path into motherhood or the third, some of these feeling might feel very familiar to you:

Do you feel confused and overwhelmed with the amount of information and all the decisions you have to make and no matter how many courses you take or lists you make, it doesn't seem to make it easier? 

Do you feel anxious and exhausted from the busyness around you and can't seem find a rhythm that feels good to YOU. 

Do you have a hard time being fully present with your loved ones?

Do you feel disconnected from your feelings, or do you feel out of control and unable to feel and express them fully?

Do you feel that your purpose in life is tight to your doing and achievements?


Do you feel tired of holding it all together and just want someone to finally hold YOU  with love and compassion?

I've been there, beautiful, and I deeply understand how hard it can be!

I know now that I had been in a deep search for truth in one way or another most of my life, but it wasn’t until my own motherhood journey started that I truly took the invitation to travel deeper into my internal landscapes.


After I had been a birth nerd for years before even being pregnant, I started my journey into motherhood with a huge bag full of fantasies about being a mother. None of them fed by true motherhood experiences of women close to me, but by my own need for perfection and idealized relationship ideas with my child. This paired with the impeccable images of motherhood portrayed in social media and a modern culture that seems to leave little space for mothers to be honest about their true challenges, that go way beyond diaper changes and sleepless nights.


Postpartum and the early years of motherhood felt to me like being thrown in ice-cold water without any tools to possibly survive. Fueled by my own deep wounding from childhood, that I had never looked at with honesty, I drove myself into burn-out several times by trying to be everything to my daughter and feeling solely responsible for her well-being and happiness. My worth felt deeply attached to our relationship and the tiniest expression of her discomfort would leave me feeling like a failure. This also paired with avoiding conflict at all cost in other areas of my life to beg for love and acceptance, and then explode full of resentment when I couldn’t hold it in anymore. It felt like living in a space of confusion, hopelessness, frustration and anger frequently.



I took all of my struggle around motherhood as an invitation to get to know myself more intimately and to commit deeply to my journey of healing and growth. That took me into looking at my own childhood with more honesty, going beyond the memories and into all the emotions my body had been holding for so many years. Allowing them to be expressed and fully validated like they had never been before. Being honest as well about all my childish parts that have unconsciously navigated such a huge part of my life, fueled by a desperate need to feel seen, accepted and loved. To feel safe.


What I have understood on this journey is that I have given my power away over and over again by looking for this outside of myself when truly it's an inner work. When I understood that, I committed to a path of being the nourishing mother and protective father to myself and allowing myself to grow up.

And that's the path I am still walking today. It's been a rocky path and it has challenged me over and over again. AND I wouldn't change a thing about it. It's made me the woman I am today. It's pushed to towards finding a deep sense of compassion for myself and slowly inviting more and more parts of me to come back home. I believe that this is a lifelong journey and I am committed to walking it.

I want you to know, my love, that I am not on the other side, nor am I your last chance for a better life or motherhood. I am right here next to you walking my own path of healing and self-reclamation. The difference for me now is that I have tools and that I know when and where I need to seek external support as well, because I understood that I am not alone.

And you are not alone either!
I am here to offer you my support with love and dedication on your sacred journey into motherhood. I am here to be that woman for you that I so deeply longed for when I started walking this path. 

A few of my credentials

2021-22     Feminine Embodiment Coach

                  - School of Embodied Art -


2021          Birth Arts Mentor

                  - Birthing from Within -


2020-21     Birth Story Listener

                  - The Birth Story School -

2020          Prenatal Yoga Teacher

                  - Khalsa Way -

2017-18     Holistic Health Coach

                  - Institute of Integrative Nutrition -

2017          Doula Training

                  - Traditional Doula and Midwifery Arts -

2015-16     Ayurvedic Practitioner

                  - Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre -

2013-14     Kundalini Yoga Teacher

                  - Agni Yoga Chile -

Some fun facts about me

I was born in a tiny village in Eastern Germany during the times of communism. After the wall came down, I was deeply influenced by Korean culture due to practicing Taekwondo for many years.  I left my family home when I was 19 years old to explore independent life as a young adult on the other side of Germany. When I was 25 years old, I moved to Chile where I lived for 8 years. Now I live in Miami, am married to a Puertorrican man and we have a daughter who was born in Florida. I speak fluent German, Spanish and English. 

I am the mother to a wild little girl who runs around with a bug in her hand most of the time. I am devoted to conscious parenting and deeply in love with Waldorf education. Parenting has also been one of my biggest challenges in life so far.  

Before stepping into my soul work, I worked as an aircraft mechanic and mechanical engineer for years. It took me a while to find what I vibrate with and all of my previous experiences have informed my unique way of structuring my offerings.

My friends used to make fun of my drawing when playing Pictionary AND I still love creating things with my hands - knitting, painting, drawing, crafting, sewing, working with clay. For me it's less about the result and more about the process. I believe that art is an expression, a soul language.


I enjoy dancing, including partner dance like salsa and bachata AND it's still hard for me to follow the lead of a partner or a choreography in a dance class.

I am a huge food lover! It's one of my big pleasures in life. I love cooking AND at the same time I admit that routine every day cooking often feels overwhelming to me and I am also a very messy cook. 

I love spending time with people and deeply connect AND also have many moments where social anxiety gets on top of me. 

I am afraid of heights, even small ones AND skydiving has been one of my favorite adventures. 

I love traveling and exploring new cultures AND I also miss the comfort of my home very easily.  

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My name is Lizzy and I am here for you!

Receive this practice to deeply connect with the wisdom of your body within minutes!

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