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Client Love

I am so grateful for your trust and the opportunity to support you!


Lizzy is so much more than a doula and pregnancy/postpartum coach. She is the truest embodiment of a sacred Birth Keeper. After working with her for almost a year, and receiving her love, guidance, and support through a traumatic birth experience, I am convinced that she was born to do what she is doing. She has the wisdom, life experience, access to resources, and spiritual fortitude to hold space in a way that is rare. Any woman, or couple, that has the opportunity to work with Lizzy, has good fortune. She will not only take such good care of you (her food is delicious!), she will guide you to trust your own inner wisdom and guidance. She is a fierce advocate and a deeply devoted mother herself. My soul chose her to walk beside me on this motherhood journey and it truly couldn’t have chosen better. I trust her with my life, and that was put to the test. I’ll be forever grateful for her service to women, families, and children. And truly, to the world. She makes it a better place.


Christel, USA

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Lizzy’s coaching is as warm, empathetic, compassionate and loving as she herself is. Her approach is truly unique, merging embodiment and arts, both of which take you out of your head and into your body, allowing truly powerful truths to arise. I felt at all times safe, held and supported by Lizzy, and I could see results from the first session onwards. I highly recommend working with her.

Melanie, Switzerland

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Working with Lizzy is a gift I believe every Mama should give to themselves. Her concise, intentionally designed process encompasses a breadth of modalities seamlessly woven together. You enter as one version of yourself and leave more clear on your truths with actions to uphold that truth moving forward.

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Navah, USA


My sessions with Lizzy felt warm and cozy. It was like she wrapped herself around me like a soft and fuzzy blanket, and made me feel safe and held during our time together. These feelings of safety really allowed me to open up, and gave me the permission I needed to explore what was inside of me!

Kim, USA

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A few months ago, Lizzy organized a Mother’s Blessing for me. Until then, I had never even heard of such a ceremony, and now I wish that every mother had the chance to have that unforgettable experience!


Especially during the first pregnancy all the physical, emotional and spiritual changes can be challenging and overwhelming. Lizzy was able to create a loving and safe environment during the ceremony so I could share my thoughts, worries, and fears with her and my close circle of family and friends. Knowing that I had their support helped me feel confident and positive about my pregnancy, birth and the vulnerable postpartum period. Lizzy has helped me so much to transform the negative thoughts I used to have about birth into curiosity and trust in my own body and my strengths.


I will always remember that day with so much gratitude and will never forget how Lizzy guided us through the ceremony in such a sensitive and understanding way while honoring my personal needs.  


Nastasja, Germany

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Francisca, Chile

I have been very fortunate to have Lizzy in my life for a few years already, and I have learned so much from her. With her support I have not only been able to incorporate healthy eating options and yoga into my lifestyle, but have also improved my mental well-being feeling now calmer and more confident as the woman I am.


Lizzy is very passionate about helping and supporting others and really cares about the feelings of the people she supports. When I decide to get pregnant, I will, without any doubt, reach out to her to have her support and positive presence during that beautiful process.

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I wish I had known about Mother's Blessing when I had my three children!

Lizzy organized a Mother's Blessing for my pregnant daughter and it was such a sweet and magical experience for all of us. The ceremony was a wonderful way to support my daughter during her pregnancy and give her the space to release her fears, feel supported by that group of women who love her so much and just ease and relax. Without any doubt the way Lizzy prepared every little detail of the ceremony made it an unforgettable experience for all of us. I am beyond grateful for her loving support and for creating such a beautiful memory in family. I cannot imagine a better and more sensitive doula for my daughter!

If you have the chance to get Lizzy's loving support for yourself or someone you love, don't hesitate!


Karolin, Germany

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Lizzy has a grounded presence that is warm and intuitive. If you're seeking a Feminine Embodiment Coach to help you deepen into your embodied wisdom, I'd highly recommend working with Lizzy. 

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Jenna Ward

Founder School of Embodied Art

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