Mama Wellness Coaching

Taking care of yourself is the first step of caring for your loved ones.

Does this sound like you?

You are exhausted and overwhelmed all the time and sometimes you don’t even know how to peel yourself out of bed?


You feel that you lost yourself somewhere on your motherhood journey and you feel too guilty to even think about some alone time?


You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin…and your favorite pair of jeans?


Your relationship with your partner is not what it used to be and you do not connect with your little one(s) as you would love to?

Would you love to make healthy choices for you and your family but just don’t know where to start and how to find time and energy to do so?

Don’t worry mama, you are not alone! I am here to have your back and together we will get you exactly where you want to be!

And trust me, I have been there too…


…I have been at that point where exhaustion dominated my life and I would still push myself towards all those expectations that I had for myself as a woman, partner, mother and professional.


…I would feel guilty when only thinking about the possibility to take a few moments for myself.


…I would snap at my loved ones without wanting to just because I was feeling so tired and anxious.


…I was trying to force things and return to “normal”…

…until I realized that my “normal” was just different now!  

That may sound completely obvious but realizing that helped me to look at my new life from a different perspective. It allowed me to flow with my new mama life rather than trying to squeeze it into parameters that just didn’t work for me anymore.

Since then I have been supporting other women, and I'd love to support you to feel more like:

Calm and connected with your own needs, enjoying the balance between time with your family and alone time

Confident with your role as a mother and less anxious about making good decisions for your little ones(s) and making healthy choices for the whole family 

Deeply connected to your loved ones and your intuition and nurtured by the joyful time you are spending together more consciously


Comfortable and alive within your body when you look in the mirror

This is what you can expect from me:

My loving support and absolute commitment to the improvement of your health and well-being including personalized coaching sessions, virtually or in person, as well as practices and resources that will help you to get there!

I have different coaching packages available for you in order to meet your very personal needs.

Are you ready to feel connected and confident over your and your family’s well-being?

Contact me to schedule your free wellness consultation now!

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