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The Journey

In our society we spend most of our time in our head, thinking, analyzing, weighing out pros and cons. While it is not a bad thing to do your research, read, listen, watch, so you can make informed decisions, staying too much in your head can definitely be an obstacle. It does not allow you to deeply connect with the feelings and sensations of your body that give you cues about what you truly want and need. It does not allow you to connect with your body’s innate wisdom. When you stay in your head, you risk staying trapped in your stories, your old beliefs, your patterns. And although staying there you might still allow you to reach the goal of the “perfect” pregnancy and birth, it can leave you with a feeling of emptiness and disappointment. Research shows that how a mother feels about her pregnancy, birth experience and postpartum is not so much related to the outcome, but to the process and how empowered she felt during the process.

When you start listening more to your body, to each sensation, to the feelings that rise in each moment and you actually give yourself permission to radically share and express them, then you have the unique opportunity to deeply connect with your essence and live in your truth every moment a little bit more. Because guess what? The only one who can empower you, who can give you your power back, is you!

This journey is an invitation to go deep, to question absolutely everything. It is an opportunity to ask courageous questions about every belief, story, idea you have had about yourself, the relationship with a partner, the relationship with your family and friends, about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood. It is an invitation to step into your wild woman nature and live by your own rules.

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